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What are adult day services?

Adult day service centers provide a coordinated program of professional and compassionate services in a community-based group setting. These services are designed to provide social, therapeutic and health services to adults who need supervised care in a safe place outside the home during the day. The program gives working caregivers an option to retain their employment without worry that their loved one is home alone. They also give caregivers respite from the demanding responsibilities of caregiving. These structured, comprehensive programs generally operate during any part of the day, but less than 24-hour care. Though most adult day centers are open Monday through Friday, some programs offer services on evenings and weekends. Although each facility may differ in terms of features, the following services are offered by most adult day centers:

  • Social activities interaction with other participants in planned activities appropriate for their conditions
  • Transportation door-to-door services
  • Meals and snacks participants are provided with meals and snacks, those with special dietary needs are offered special meals
  • Personal care help with toileting, grooming, eating and other personal activities of daily living
  • Therapeutic activities exercise and mental interaction for all participants.
  • Person Centered Care Planning to maximize individuals abilities

Benefits of Adult Day Care Adult day care allows caregivers to continue working outside the home, receive help with the physical care of a loved one, avoid the guilt of placing a loved one in institutional care, and have respite from what can be a “24/7” responsibility.
The participant can also benefit from adult day care. He or she is able to remain at home with family and in their community. Adult day care participants also have an opportunity to interact socially with peers, share in stimulating activities, receive medical or health monitoring if needed, and receive assistance with the activities of daily living with dignity.
Opening and successfully operating an adult day service is not an easy task. Having good intentions or a good heart wanting to take of elderly persons is not enough. It takes planning and research to initiate a good center.

Who Uses Adult Day Care?

Adult Day Care Centers are used by two groups: caregivers and care receivers. Adult Day Centers allow caregivers to do the things they need to do and/or want to do, such as work outside the home, run errands, socialize, or simply to rest. Adult day centers are designed to serve adults who are physically challenged, memory impaired, intellectually disabled or may have mental illness and require supervision, increased social opportunities, assistance with personal care or other activities of daily living.
A survey conducted of adult day centers nationwide, found that the average age of the adult day consumer was 72, and two-thirds of all participants were women. 11% of the participants lived alone; 55% lived with a spouse, adult child or other family and friends. One-half of the participants of the centers surveyed had some cognitive impairment, and one-third required nursing services at least weekly. 59% of the participants required assistance with transferring; 41% required assistance with three or more daily living skills.
Types of Adult Day Care in Florida:

  • Social: Adult day social care provides social activities, meals, recreation, and some health-related services.
  • Medical/Health: Adult day health care offers more intensive health, therapeutic, and social services for individuals with severe medical problems and for those at risk of nursing home care.
  • Specialized: Provides services only to specific care recipients, such as those diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s or developmental disabilities.

Caregivers typically select the type of center a care recipient attends based on the care needed. One difference between traditional respite and in-home care, is adult day care is centers not only provide respite to family caregivers but also restorative care for cognitively and physically impaired older adults.
1. THE LICENSE Applications for licensure should be submitted to the Agency for Health Care • Administration (AHCA).
a. Become familiar with Florida Statutes, Chapter 429, Part III, Adult Day Care Centers • (FS 429.90-429.931) and Chapter 58A-6.01 F.A.C.
b. Download the ASPEN survey for Adult Day Care Centers
2. ASSESS THE NEED Request access regulations for licensing. Visit-, call (850) 487-2515, or write AHCA, 2525 Mahan Drive, Tallahassee, Florida. Visit the Florida Department of Elder Affairs website (http://elderaffairs.• for demographic information
Resources to Open and Adult Day Service Center:
1. Join the Florida Adult Day Services Association
a. Have access to adult day services operators and owners
b. Network with Experts in the field
i. Planning and Creating Successful Adult Day Services and Other Home and Community-Based Services By Marilyn Hartle, MSW, LCSW and LaDonna Jensen, RN
ii. National Adult Day Services Association Publications and Resources
iii. CARF (for national accreditation of adult day services)
iv. MetLife Mature Market Institute Annual National Cost Report including Adult Day Services
v. Genworth Financial Annual Cost Report including Adult Day Services
vi. Agency for Health Care Administration Adult Day Care Application Information and Instructions Adult Day Care Center Initial and Renewal Application Statute/Rule Authority Survey Guidelines Background Screening Package
vii. Alzheimer’s Association
viii. Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
ix. Department of Elder Affairs Adult Care Food Program
x. Area Agencies on Aging (AAA)
xi. Florida Council on Aging
xii. Eldercare Locator
xiii. National Adult Day Services Association

Join the State Association

The Florida Adult Day Services Association connects people with the desire to open a new center with professionals that operate centers throughout Florida. State association leaders are a source of tremendous information regarding adult day centers, and meetings offer local opportunities for networking. You don’t have to be an expert to benefit from the association–just a member!
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