Is Adult Day Care Right For My Loved One?

Why should I take my loved one to an Adult Day Service Center?

Adult Day Services provides a planned program that includes nutritional, health, social and support services in a protective environment. For the participant, services offered at an adult day service center can provide an enjoyable day spent with friends of their own age, engaging in creative activities in a safe and encouraging environment. It gives them the opportunity to continue to feel independent and participate in their choice of activities.

For caregivers, adult day services offer an opportunity to continue gainful employment or to take care of other responsibilities a caregiver may have. It is essential that a caregiver have time to also care for themselves.

What factors indicate that my loved one should be in an AdultDayCenter setting?

Adult day service may be perfect for a loved one that you don’t feel comfortable leaving home alone but may not be ready for placement. Adult day care may also be needed when the physical and psychological health of the caregiver is negatively impacted by the demands of providing care as this service can ease the burden for the caregiver and provide time and space to restore their own health, interests and personal relationships.
An example of indications of the need for Adult Day Services may include a person, who’s having difficulty managing the daily activities of life such as medication management or cooking, is without companionship or supervision for periods and is unsafe being left alone, is isolated or lonely, or needs health monitoring. It appears to be best for the person to begin attending Adult Services while they can enjoy the activities and company of others. As their abilities change, they will already be familiar with the comforting structure and routine of the center.

What should I look for when choosing Adult Day Services?

  • Caregivers should search for a center that is licensed by the State of Florida. This can be determined by going to the website which will list all of the licensed centers in your area.
  • It should provide the opportunity for care planning with the family/caregiver to meet individual needs and provide person centered care culture.
  • Activities that are varied and programming that includes mentally-stimulating games, one-on-one time, physical exercise, walks, education and fun.
  • Services should be provided in a clean and safe environment focused on enhancing each client’s well-being. Nutritious meals and snacks should also be provided. Caregivers should also ensure that the adult day center can meet the personal care needs of their loved one.
  • See “questions to Ask When Visiting an AdultDayCenter” and a “Site Visit Checklist” at

How can I encourage my loved one to attend an AdultDayCareCenter?

Words and finesse can mean everything. A caregiver can often successfully encourage their loved one to
attend an adult day care program by referring to the center as the office, class or the club. Finesse gives
meaning and a sense of importance to the activity of going to an adult day center. A caregiver can tap into
the person’s sense of daily routine or daily obligation. For some people going to an adult day center is like
going to work. A helpful method is for a physician to write a prescription for adult day care stimulation
three times a week (or more, if needed). At this point the caregiver can say “Your doctor wants you to
attend an adult day program.”. Routine is very important so it is helpful if the person attends the same days
each week.

What will the staff do to help make the transition into the AdultDayCareCenter smoother for my loved one?

First impressions are very important! The adult day center staff will do everything possible to ensure that your loved one has a positive experience. An individualized care plan will ensure that the participant’s likes and dislikes are honored, and individual likes and dislikes are honored.

What types of activities are offered in an AdultDayCareCenter?

Group exercise, group discussions, games, sharing mementos from a person’s home, daily walks, history review, memory stimulation, upbeat current events, poetry readings, weekly themes, arts & crafts, music, and one-on-one time are just a few of the activities offered in adult day center settings. These activities can also be adapted to provide optimal benefits to clients.

When is Adult Day Care no longer appropriate?

While adult day care centers provide a wide array of benefits to participants and caregivers, some families reach a point when a higher acuity of care is necessary. Distress behaviors such as altered sleep patterns, combativeness, wandering and/or increased cognitive impairment are common issues precipitating alternative care. The good news is that persons who participate in adult day www.floridahealthfinderprograms tend to have improved health and better attitudes. Staff will provide updates and revise care plans to enable a participant to remain in attendance and living at home. If alternative care becomes necessary, the center manager or social worker will work with the family to find the best choice for care.