AHCA Meeting

Updated: Apr 23

Good afternoon to all FADSA constituents, this is to inform you that our meeting with AHCA was to inform them of our concerns pertaining to several issues that are affecting our industry.

Since we opened post-COVID closures as some of you know that attended the zoom meeting we were notified by Staywell / Sunshine of upcoming changes to our contractual agreement that for obvious reasons are affecting our industry by now all contracted Staywell partners should have received their new agreement for reasons pertaining to our non-disclosure clause we will not discuss each individual rate but we have taken steps to start what we believe is overdue in our line of business and that is to have all MCO recognize our industry at a whole new level we ask that your patience in making your decision as AHCA has advised us to use the individual appeal process we will be following up with several meetings that we will be addressing what's next for FADSA participation and our consultant's overview.

Warm Regards.

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