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ADHC (Adult Day Healthcare Center) REOPENING ERTF (Economic Recovery Task Force) PETITION

AUGUST 10 2020

Adult Day Healthcare Centers have been working with Miami-Dade County since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 in order to comply with pandemic health protocols by closing their doors for 6 months.

However, the time has come to plan to reopen adult day healthcare centers especially since the industry plays an essential role in caring for seniors which relieves primary caretakers such as adult children and relatives who need desperately to return to work at the earliest permissible opportunity.

There are of course some risk factors that are involved in reopening the doors of Adult Day Healthcare facilities but every day they stay closed is also a day they become less likely to survive which will whittle down the existing capacity of this industry to where it will not be able to attend to essential Senior Care needs when primary caretakers return to their usual job.

This inability of primary caretakers to return to work without the supportive services Adult Day Healthcare Centers provide threatens to derail a full recovery of the economy which is in the interest of all stakeholders.

To mitigate the risk factors a comprehensive plan for reopening Adult Day Healthcare Centers modeled after existing Miami Dade County reopening plans for other industries addressing the particularities of this industry was requested by and produced for Miami Dade County Deputy Mayor Maurice Kemp and Florida Secretary for the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) Mary Mayhew.

The Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration AHCA is responsible for over 30% of the state’s budget and the licensing of over 50,000 healthcare facilities. The significance of Secretary Mary Mayhew’s involvement underwrites the importance of this industry not only on the county level but as it’s urgency on the state level as well.

AHCA is responsible for directing the federal block grant funds for the Adult Day Care industry through major Managed Healthcare Provider Organizations such as Humana (16 million members), Aetna, United Health Care, the CENTENE Group (25 million members) consisting of Sunshine Health, StayWell and WellCare and others in the same category who rely on the Adult Day Healthcare industry to the control cost of caring for their elderly through diversion of patients away from more costly alternatives such as assisted living facilities and full-fledged nursing homes.

As important it is for Adult Day Healthcare Centers to reopen, it is even more essential for this supportive industry to survive for the sake of the economy in general. This importance is underscored by a recent meeting by Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez held with the leadership of the Florida Adult Day Healthcare Services Association where after having apprised himself of the essentiality of this industry to support the economic recovery in question, the Mayor recommended and agreed to support the formation of a County fund to provide emergency aid to Adult Day Healthcare Centers in an effort to ensure the survivability of this industry providing a most essential service.

Based on this, a process has begun on the Board of County Commission level to draft and pass a resolution to create such a funding facility.

We ask that Economic Recovery Task Force support the safe opening of Adult Day Healthcare Facilities so that this industry can assist in providing a service essential for the recovery of our economy through its supportive services to seniors and their primary care takers who will need this service to return confidently to work.

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