COVID 19 State of emergency : Adult Community Support Services

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Attention all FADSA members!

As some of you already know, on March 9th of this year we received a newly proposed Adult Community Support Service program from Medicaid (AHCA) for Adult Daycare’s to provide temporary service to both members and non-members at home. After carefully reviewing the details of this program, we believe this format could divert our efforts from reopening and readmitting our members back in our centers. The rates being proposed by the MCO are also completely unacceptable, it is our honest recommendation that we reject this program as it appears to be against both our financial and overall best interests in the future.

 We’ve also spoken to many Adult Daycare owners who share our sentiment that this proposal is simply not feasible with the proposed rates.With that being said, we believe we should continue to centralize our efforts towards reopening as soon as possible. However, for this to be possible the County Infection Committee has informed us we must be under a 5% infection rate for the next few weeks. It is crucial for us to stay united and strong during these challenging times, please forward any opinions you wish to share with our board. (Note: Attempts have been made to speak with MCO directors in regards to their proposed rates and logistics for the ACSS program. So far, they’ve rejected all of our demands but we will continue trying to negotiate for better rates in order to make this program workable. in the event that we are not able to open our centers,) Thank you all so much for your continued support, FADSA

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