Efforts to Get Comissioners on Board


Dear Vice Chair Rebeca Sosa

I am following up on Dr. Denis Rod’s visit to your office recently.

We are contacting you to discuss a proposal to help thousands of Seniors in Miami Dade County and their Caregivers represented by FADSA, the Florida Adult Day Healthcare Services Association.

The proposal is to set up an emergency fund recommended by Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez to keep the Adult Day Healthcare Industry alive and viable in Miami Dade County. Adult Day Healthcare Centers are essential to our economic recovery because our senior elder population needs to be taken care of so that their primary caregivers who may be their children and/or relatives can confidently return to full time work at the earliest feasible opportunity. There are about 200 Adult Day Healthcare Centers in Miami Dade County and this represents the majority in the State of Florida.

When we discussed this issue with Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez recently he was very enthusiastic and supportive. He asked us to contact the BCC to start the process which he would support so we have started by contacting Commissioner you to discuss the urgent matter at hand.

If this matter is not handled expeditiously there will be serious consequences to our economy when many workers cannot return to their places of employment because their present roles as caregivers is not supplemented by responsible and competent care to their elderly parents and relatives.

Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a meeting to discuss this either virtually online, by phone or in person as per your convenience.

Awaiting your soonest reply we remain.

My cellphone number is ‪786-554-8001‬ just in case you need to reach me immediately.


Joe Chi


FADSA Florida Adult Day Healthcare Services Assn

http://www.fadsafl.org vice

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