HUMANA URGENT COMMUNICATION - Temporary Expansion of LTC Services for ADCs during the Pandemic

Dear Valued Adult Day Care provider,

AHCA has expanded the provider qualifications to allow your provider specialty (ADCs) to provide services for our members in their home setting, during the pandemic.

As a health plan, we are working on a process to implement this new state directive and would like to know if you are interested in providing the below recently approved added service in the members home-setting.

Adult Community Support Services - Code: S5100 CG (in home)

This Service recently approved includes social and health-related therapeutic services and activities, self-care training, nutritional services, and more. Adult community support services encourage enrollee independence and engagement through participation in meaningful activities that include but are not limited to: arts and crafts; stretching or other gentle group exercises; music therapy/sing-a-longs; sewing/knitting; physical stimulation activities such as coloring and handwriting exercises; mental stimulation games such as bingo; discussion groups; current events, birthday celebrations; educational program participation; health / nutrition activities; and pet therapy.

If you are interested to provide and have staff in place to provide these newly approved added services in the home setting for our Humana LTC members, please respond to this email communication so that we are aware. As a Health Plan, we are working diligently to create a process and will be calling you soon to discuss implementation and how his new process will work.

Thank you!!

Ivis (Evie) Suarez

Provider Contracting Professional II | FL Medicaid Network Administration (LTC)


T 305 798 0130

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