Survey | ADS-CARE Project

Good afternoon Team,

As we continue FADSA's mission to collect data about how our programs serve the needs of our members and families, FADSA has partnered with The University of Central Florida in the ADS-CARe project. We all must help in our efforts to collect such data. Please see attached flyer and letter and share them with all families at your center.

We are writing to invite you to participate in the ADS-CARE project. Briefly, this project attempts to understand facilitators and barriers to adult day care program use. Your participation in this project is simple: provide a brochure about the study to individuals who utilize your program. We understand that the COVID-19 virus has changed the way we socially interact with others. As such, a team member can drop off some of the brochures to be distributed to individuals. Another possibility is to have the team member provide the brochures to individuals. Also, a copy of the pamphlet has been attached to the email. Lastly, we can mail brochures to your organization to be distributed to individuals. We are flexible, please let us know which method works best for your organization. As a thank you, your organization will receive a one-page document summarizing the study results.


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