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Urgent Appeal: Support for United Health Care and Long-Term Care Providers in Florida

Announcing the new MCO awarded by the State of Florida for long-term care.

With this announcement, as of today, these are the new MCOs that will be our next insurance providers in the long-term care program for the upcoming 6 years. As you can notice, there are 3 MCOs that are not on this list: 1-United, 2-Molina, and 3-Aetna.

We understand that they are appealing the decision from AHCA, and we are supporting them to stay on the program as we know they are the best-paying providers. This decision has surprised us all, as we have been working diligently to receive higher reimbursement rates from our industry. So, we ask that you stand behind us in supporting the United Healthcare program and others to stay on board. We ask that you call or send a letter to AHCA asking them to keep United Healthcare as a provider, at least for South Florida if not for the entire state. This is urgent, as they have a window to appeal! This decision reflects on the future of us all; with low rates, our industry can collapse. Feel free to reach out to offer your support.

Thank you,

Board of Directors,


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